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    Micro star and doodle intelligence together to create 5g + aiot industry new ecology and wisdom

    On August 14, China time, a new product release conference was held in the business hall of dengxi Road, Shenzhen. The theme of this conference is 5g, AI, Internet of things and other fields. Graffiti invited more than ten excellent strategic partners to participate in and invited OEM customers of the company.

    Co founder and coo Yang Yi of graffiti smart, Clare Wu, head of Google assistant smart home distribution Asia Pacific region and other domestic and foreign guests were invited to attend the graffiti day.

    With the arrival of 5g era, the aiot industry has also ushered in great changes. At the same time, with the connectivity of cloud, platform, module and other links, the ecosystem of intelligent everything interconnection will be gradually improved in 2020, "we think 2020 is the first year of connectivity, and also the year of competing for ecological as a service (EAAs). The more complete and rich the ecology, the more likely it is to stand out."

    At present, with the help of graffiti intelligent platform, we have launched dozens of intelligent security products, such as smart cameras and smart low-power wireless doorbells, which have been sold all over the world. With the help of the interconnection and open compatibility of doodle powered by Tuya smart products and major smart home platforms, smart security products can easily manage all expanded content through Swann security application to provide users with the best smart security experience

    In the new year, we will vigorously cooperate with graffiti, develop more updated security equipment shapes for graffiti, and fully promote the cause of smart home. In the future, MICROSTAR will continue to give full play to its advantages in various fields, join hands with more enterprises, and jointly build a new ecological world of intelligent everything interconnection.

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