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    Recruitment position

    Recruiting Foreign Trade Sales / Business: Multiple

    Recruitment requirements:

    1. Responsible for the sales, promotion and maintenance of customer resources;

    2. According to the marketing plan, complete the department sales targets;

    3. Open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales indicators;

    4. Analyze customer requirements and provide targeted solutions;

    5. Signing of sales contracts and tracking of receivables.

    【job requirements】

    1. English level 4 or above, be able to communicate in English typing and email, and be fluent in spoken English.

    2. More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade sales, working experience in related industries is preferred;

    3. Possess certain market analysis and judgment ability, and good customer service awareness;

    4. Responsibility, teamwork spirit, good at challenges, and certain resistance to stress.

    Recruiting Domestic Sales / Business: Multiple

    1. Open up customer resources according to company requirements;

    2. Effectively communicate with customers through telephones and visits to understand customer needs and seek sales opportunities;

    3. Communicate with users to collect, feedback, and process customer opinions in a timely manner, maintain company user relationships, actively develop new customers, and assist the team to complete various sales indicators for sales:

    4. Regularly communicate with cooperative customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship:

    5, can accept short-term business trips.

    【job requirements】

    1. More than one year of sales experience in electronic parts, familiar with Guangdong market, industry and customers is preferred;

    2. Familiar with automotive electronics, Bluetooth headset, audio, and consumer electronics is preferred;

    3. Have good interpersonal skills, communication skills and analytical skills.

    Recruiting foreign trade with a single: a

    job requirements:

    1) Responsible for arrangement and follow-up of foreign trade orders;

    2) Prepare relevant shipping documents, customs declaration materials, etc .;

    3) Assist salesman to handle order related follow-up work, etc .;

    4) Complete other tasks assigned by superiors;

    5) Those with good work performance can be promoted to foreign trade clerk by the leader.

    basic requirements:

    1) College degree or above;

    2) Familiar with computer office software operation, who will operate housekeeper system is preferred;

    3) More than one year of foreign trade documentary related work experience;

    4) Strong communication skills, quick response, strong ability to handle work independently;

    5) Proactive, able and careful, strong communication skills, able to bear pressure, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit.


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